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Press Release - Levy Defeat

Defeat of Northwest School Levy Opens the Door to Creating a Better Plan for Advancing Student Performance

May 2nd the voters of the Northwest Local School District (NWLSD) sent a clear message to the district’s school board and administration by voting 3 to 1 against the proposed $168.6 million bond. The levy, if passed, would cost approximately $400 million over 38 years. This tax increase, in light of existing and future announced tax increases, was something voters could not afford. The decision by the District to add an additional 15% to school property taxes during exceedingly difficult economic times, when residents are challenged by historically high levels of inflation, food, water, and energy prices, demonstrates a disregard for taxpayers and the harsh economic reality residents are experiencing.

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Share the Facts on Issue 8

Vote NO on May 2nd - Northwest School Board needs to create a practical, cost-effective plan!

With the election just days away it is imperative that we get the facts out in order to defeat this enormous tax increase!

Please print out this flyer and provide to your neighbors!

If you are willing to hit a few doors, we can provide bags and printouts. 

In November, this tax increase failed with 60% NO votes.  We need to turn out the votes even more this time in order to force the school board to go back to the drawing board.

Change The Way Ohio Funds Education

Hamilton County Property Owners Continue to Shoulder an Increasingly Larger Tax Burden

  • Brent Spence Bridge Replacement
  • Museum Center "Icon Tax"
  • Sport Stadium Construction
  • Sport Stadium Refurbishing/Replacement
  • Western Hills Viaduct Replacement
  • Phase I Northwest Local School District Building Replacement
  • Phase II Northwest Local School District Building Replacement
  • Phase III Northwest Local School District Replacement

For Hamilton County Residents and Businesses it is either pay the growing tax burden, decreasing the standard of living Or Move.

There is a problem with school funding in Ohio. Recognized by the Ohio Supreme Court as Unconstitutional

Despite the State of Ohio spending billions on K-12 education in Ohio

  • 9.84 billion dollars in FY 2021
  • 10.23 billion dollars in FY 2022
  • 10.43 billion dollars proposed in FY 2023

The Northwest Local School District levy, November 2022 failed by over 60 % of the vote. It will be on the ballot again in May 2023. If it fails in May 2023, it will be on the ballot again and again until threats and fatigue force citizens to vote yes!

Should Phase II of the Northwest Local School District pass, Northwest Residents will pay, over 395 million dollars in the next 38 years!

Passage of Another Northwest School Levy will not solve the problem!

The Endless Campaign to Raise Property Taxes

  • Reduces the Income of Property Owners
  • Harshly Impacts those on Fixed Incomes
  • Forces the relocation of families to lower tax counties decreasing our tax base

Simply, Higher Property Taxes Are Unsustainable with Northwest Residents Already Paying:

  • Higher water, sewer and energy prices
  • A nearly 8% sales tax
  • Capital expenses including the two sports stadiums

It's time to vote for education - not increasingly higher taxes!

  • End Ohio's Constant Educational State of Emergency
  • Insist on a fair statewide Constitutional school funding model
  • Make the business of schools Educating not raising taxes

Vote NO on NWLSD Bond Issue

About A4E2

We are a group of citizens who care deeply about our community, our schools, and the success of our children. We do not have all of the answers but right now, our elected leaders are not even asking the questions.

More money for education has not resulted in better outcomes for our children. The burden of increasing taxes for education, stadiums, bridges and basic services have exceed the ability of citizens to pay higher property or income taxes. Soon, taxpayers will vote with their feet, leaving for communities with sustainable tax rates.

Advocates for Education Excellence have come together to save our community by insisting government spend like each of us runs our household. Spend to buy the best but not exceed what you have on hand. Save a little for the future.

In the midst of high rates of inflation, high energy prices and a looming recession our community is hurting. The “sleep walking” bureaucracy of the Northwest Local School District proposes “Phase II” of new school building costing taxpayers more than 390 million dollars over 38 years.  Phase III is planned for the not-too-distant future.

Advocates for Education Excellence seeks a balance protecting the community standard of living and securing the best education for Northwest Local children.  If you are interested in becoming part of this movement, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.